A Step In The Right Direction

I am just wanting to record my progress on running a 5K. The hardest part for me is to be proud of a moment without nit picking it apart looking for my faults. So here is my attempt!

I am training for a 5K on April 28. I started out running on the treadmill and have now been running through the local parks. My purpose for blogging this is – I continually feel that I could recover faster if someone just told me what to eat, how to exercise and what to think. So, I am blogging my training. I am hoping that blogging my progress will remind me that “I can do it”. I love to self-sabatoge but it is hard when it is in black and white.

  • Jan 24    1.8 miles in 30 minutes                               
  • Jan 25    2.2 miles in 30 minutes                                
  • Jan 26    2.1 miles in 30 minutes                               
  • Jan 27    2.1 miles in 30 minutes                                
  •  Jan 29    2.1 miles in 30 minutes
  • Jan 30    2.2 Miles in 30 minutes                                                                  
  • Jan 31    2.2 miles in 30 minutes                                 
  • Feb 1     2.2 miles in 30 minutes
  • Feb 2     1.8 miles in 30 minutes       
  • Feb 6     2.2 miles in 30 minutes   
  • Feb 7     2.5 miles in 35 minutes    
  • Feb 8     2.5 miles in 35 minutes
  • Feb 13   2.9 miles in 40 minutes
  • Feb 29  2.4 miles in 28 minutes
  • Mar 1   2.73 miles in 35 minutes
  • Mar 5   2.89 miles in 44 minutes
  • Mar 6   3.1 miles in 42 minutes
  • Mar 8   3.03 miles in 39 minutes

I have missed some entries along the way but I can not dispute the fact that I am doing the hard work!


About iltyp4u

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Angel. On the surface I look very successful and happy. I have married my soul mate, I have one daughter and two beautiful grandchildren, and I own/operate a successful at-home business. But, I do have a skeleton in my closet and his name is TED. I know that many of you also have some form of this skeleton, and my hope is that in my recovery, I can help at least one other person through recovery. Who or what is TED you ask? TED is the name that I have given to my Eating Disorder. If you or someone you know suffers from an eating disorder, I hope that you/they find this blog helpful. Please check back for updates about my progress/struggles. Also, feel free to comment on your progress. Follow me on twitter: @iltyp4u Follow me on FB: www.facebook.com/triumphfromted
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